Basic Technical Skills Required for Hosting ReadingRecord

The following is a list of basic technical skills necessary for hosting a ReadingRecord server. Depending on your installation, some of these skills may be optional.

Linux system administration

Familiarity with the Linux command line interface (CLI) or graphical tools, to perform the following tasks:

  • Installing & updating software from a variety of sources (RPM packages, PEAR repositories, tarball).
  • Starting & stopping services, checking for running services.
  • Editing configuration files.
  • Examining logfiles.
  • Configuring IP aliases.
  • File & directory manipulation: creating files & directories, setting ownership / permissions.
  • Editing firewall rules & access controls.
  • Maintaining a backup routine.

Apache webserver administration

  • Configuring virtual hosts (websites).
  • Generating, installing & configuring SSL certificates.

MySQL database server administration

  • Using the MySQL command line interface for loading & dumping databases.
  • Using phpMyAdmin or other graphical tool for database administration.


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