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 +====== Project Announcement ======
 +From:      Eric Sisler <esisler@westminster.lib.co.us>
 +To:        libnet@marmot.org
 +Subject:   Announce: Web-based Summer Reading Program application
 +Date:      Wed, 13 Feb 2008 10:30:18 -0700
 +Please excuse any cross-postings.
 +Does your library need a better way to track Summer Reading Program
 +ReadingRecord is a web-based application for libraries to track Summer
 +Reading Program participants. It is a free, hosted service, meaning that
 +no additional equipment or special knowledge is required to use
 +ReadingRecord. Although aimed primarily at reading programs for Children
 +and Young Adults, it can be used for Adult programs as well.
 +We are currently seeking a small number of pilot group libraries
 +interested in participating for 2008. If you are interested or would
 +like to find out more, please visit: http://www.readingrecord.org
 +If you have questions about ReadingRecord not answered by the website or
 +are interested in being part of the pilot group, please e-mail Eric
 +Sisler at the address below.
 +The ReadingRecord Team
 +ReadingRecord is brought to you by:
 + * The Westminster Public Library
 + * Douglas County Libraries
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