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What is ReadingRecord?

ReadingRecord is a web-based application for libraries to track Summer Reading Program participants. It is a cloud (hosted) service, meaning that no additional equipment is required to use ReadingRecord. It can be used to track most any kind of reading program: traditional summer reading programs, winter reading programs, year-long programs, etc. More details in the FAQ.

ReadingRecord is open source software, released under the GNU Affero General Public License. There are a number of Options for running ReadingRecord, including running it for yourself as well as free & paid hosting.

If you are looking for an application that can schedule meeting rooms, register patrons for storytime, send overdue notices, inventory the stacks, improve staff morale and make thousands of julienne fries ;-), then ReadingRecord isn't for you. If you'd like a better way to track Summer reading particpation, then read on in the FAQ.

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Project status

Membership status

ReadingRecord is currently accepting member libraries for 2019.

For more detailed information, see the Project Status and Wishlist for next version pages.

If your library is interested in using ReadingRecord in 2019, Read more about signing up.

Stay current with ReadingRecord announcements & discussions by joining the ReadingRecord Google Group.


ReadingRecord documentation has been published, see the documentation index.

Current news


New feature announcement!

In addition to the standard level tracking via checkbox, ReadingRecord can now track which prize was given, task was completed, prize drawing item the reader is interested in, etc. The way it works is each level has a drop-down list instead of a checkbox. To mark a level complete you select an item from the drop-down list.

The best way to get a feel for how this works (and if you might be interested in using it) is to experiment with the newly-updated demo site.


Setup form updated for 2019

The setup form has been updated and is ready to go for 2019.


The Colorado State Library continues their support of ReadingRecord!

In order to promote reading programs of all kinds and the use of ReadingRecord to track these programs, the Colorado State Library is continuing their sponsorship of ReadingRecord in Colorado:

  • Colorado libraries WITHOUT dedicated IT staff can use ReadingRecord free of charge to track reading program participation, including 1,000 books before Kindergarten. This offer is limited to the first 20 libraries to sign-up, so get your request in soon.
  • Colorado libraries WITH dedicated IT staff can get $50 off the regular price of $150/year to track reading program participation, also including 1,000 books before Kindergarten. There is no limit to the number of libraries that can take advantage of this offer.

Many thanks to Beth Crist at the Colorado State Library for continuing to support ReadingRecord!

Note: ReadingRecord is available as a hosted service to all libraries, not just those in Colorado. It has been used across the United States and Canada since 2008 to register over 947,000 readers and track more than 1.6 million completed levels for reading programs of all kinds at libraries of all sizes.

Old news

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